Designed to easily interface with various management systems

In addition to the Web-based solution, C2Routing® is also available as an API (application programming interface) for route optimization. Interface your current billing/asset management software with the power of the C2Routing® routing algorithm. The API automates the use of the existing web-based application in addition to up to 90 user-defined constraints (ranging from quantities of multiple products to deliver, time windows, and overnight trips, to loading/unloading time per type of product, assignment of specific drivers to individual clients, truck sizes, and day of service per clients, etc.). C2Routing® assigns clients to, and generates, driving routes for each vehicle with the ultimate objective of creating the most efficient, least expensive way to run the routes while respecting all the constraints.

Our API is designed to easily interface the C2Routing® with billing/asset management systems. The import/export uses the common Microsoft Excel 2000/2003 (.xls) spreadsheet format. Our API will take the spreadsheets and transfer them via SSL to the C2Routing®. Based on the parameters that were provided in the spreadsheet data, C2Routing® will run a route optimization and then create an export file in the same spreadsheet format to be downloaded. This resulting file will have the pertinent information regarding the routes to include the route numbers, sequence numbers, estimated time of arrival, etc.

Benefits Include:

  • Conduct routing "behind the scene"
  • Fully documented with sample Python language code
  • Customizable to suit your needs
  • Automate your routing

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