We provide businesses a means to optimize routes for a single vehicle or an entire fleet of mobile workers.

These routes can be planned for tomorrow or even months into the future; saving companies thousands of dollars per year in not only fleet operating expenses but in administrative and other operational areas as well.


Our approach is designed to conquer any routing challenge. Utilizing multiple solutions, with a robust set of features, our customers can tailor their route planning projects to apply specifically to their business or operation. Our solutions have the capability to run multiple routing scenarios, (i.e. what would the route look like with one more or one less vehicle), in a quick and intuitive manner.


C2logix's software catalog addresses the variety of variables that come into question while planning routes. We have the ability to plan for the next day up to months ahead of time and beyond. We pride ourselves on providing the most customization options available from any routing solution.


Whether using C2Routing® or FleetRoute software, we provide a wide array of reporting functions and options. These functions include, time management, customer service aides and cost vs revenue analysis. We are constantly creating new varieties of reports based on industry trends and customer demand.