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The service C2Logix gave us in routing our over 13, 000 customers turned out very well and we are very satisfied. Thank you for the excellent service on such a short notice. We plan on using this service again soon.

Dan Mathias, General Manager
Allen County Refuse

It was very positive experience. The last few items you provided for the city council, were the icing on the cake. Thank you.

Jose F. Martinez, Public Works Director
City of Goldsboro, North Carolina

I find C2Routing® (formerly known as C2RouteApp®) extremely useful. It's a fast way to review and re-engineer routes.

Joshua F. Burnett, General Manager
Royal Refuse

The logistics of food rescue can be very challenging. C2Routing® (formerly known as C2RouteApp®) has helped Starbucks FoodShare identify more efficient routes for our food rescue drivers so that we can donate more food every night

Jane Maley, Food Strategy