FleetRoute™ solves High Density Routing problems


FleetRoute™ is built on leading technology solving High Density Routing problems for many applications including, Waste, Recycling, (Green Waste), Snow Plowing, Street Sweeping, and Meter Reading. FleetRoute™ can be purchased as a license so that you can create your own routes, or you can utilize the team of professionals at C2Logix to create the routes for you.


FleetRoute™ will create completely customized routes based on your specific requirements. This includes, using your own street data, and the unique parameters of your fleet and workforce. You can set priorities and even customize the paths driven. FleetRoute™ will even calculate the fine details that go into creating real and balanced routes that mimic reality in the field.

Robust Reporting

Sure, FleetRoute™ creates great customized routes, but that won’t do you any good unless you can extract the data in a format that you can use and understand.

FleetRoute™ produces a wide range of excellent reports and maps that are customizable so you get the information you need to manage the operation effectively and efficiently. C2Logix, can also produce a Route Analysis Report that will compare your existing routes to the new optimized routes so you can see exactly where the savings are and how fast you will recover your investment in route optimization.