A professional online routing software

C2Routing® is a professional online routing software that can save your company a significant amount of money and make your operation as efficient as possible. Benefits that are derived from using C2Routing Software include:

Save up to 25% or more on field operating costs

  • Many clients see savings between 10% and 30%
  • Reduction in total work hours
  • Reduction in total mileage
  • Reduction in fuel used

Reduce payroll expenses including overtime

  • Overtime is very expensive for any company
  • C2Routing® gives YOU the ability to schedule YOUR routes to eliminate overtime
  • Use C2Routing® to compare difference between adding route(s) versus overtime

Decrease fleet maintenance and fuel consumption costs

  • Reduced Mileage means reduction in fuel costs and maintenance costs
  • Reduction in Routes could result in spare vehicles and less wear-and-tear on fleet

Eliminate the time currently spent creating routes and dispatching

  • Wasting hours every day creating Routes and dispatching to drivers
  • Let C2Routing®  do that for you
  • Spend the time that you are wasting with manual routing with finding new customers

Customize route creation to the way YOU operate YOUR business

  • With over 60 different parameters available, you decide how to create your routes much in the same manner as how you run your business
  • Use C2Routing® to run "what if" scenarios for bidding on new contract areas
  • As your business expands, C2Routing® can expand with you.

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