Route Planning Software for Snow Plowing and Removal

Snow Plowing and Removal route planning has many issues to deal with. There are various priority levels that must be taken into account when routing:

  • Trucks lay Salt/Sand before snowfall
  • Snow Emergency Routes first
  • Main Streets second
  • Neighborhoods and local roads lastly
  • Dump Trucks for removal

Our FleetRoute™ high density vehicle routing software uses local city GIS data if available. Other factors to deal with for snow plow route planning are:

  • Create Routes that avoid dumping snow into intersections
  • Side of Street serviced
  • Multi Lane routing
  • One Ways

What are the benefits that can be realized from optimizing your snow plow routes using FleetRoute™ routing software?

  • Utilize less trucks on a daily basis.
  • A significant reduction in costs attributed to labor, overtime costs, truck maintenance, fuel costs, etc....
  • Maximize snow plow productivity and potentially accomplish more work with less trucks.
  • The ability to maintain your routing operations at a highly granular level.
  • Drastically reduce the amount of time you spend route planning and updating routes.

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